Meals for 2/27-3/2

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Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Last weeks meals went REALLY well. The spinach orzo soup was fantastic & surprisingly filling. I would add even more spinach than the recipe calls for since I love spinach & have a more is always better philosophy when is comes to super foods!

The chicken wings were amazing. The dipping sauce was a huge bonus. I would save the extra and make some oven roasted sweet potato fries to dip in it! It was a pretty easy recipe and didn’t take too long, which is always a good thing on busy nights. I will just say that I, personally, hate butchering chicken pieces. I just have a huge sensitivity to having raw chicken in my kitchen.

The steak house pasta and poached egg dishes were also big hits. My husband couldn’t believe that both recipes were from Cooking Light! So, I claim success.

This upcoming week we’re going to go with spicy. The weather is going to be somewhat unseasonably warm and we might get a storm on Wednesday. I always look at what the weather is doing when I plan meals. This is especially true in the summer when we mostly grill our meals, but in the winter, I try to plan comfort foods on snowy, grey days. My husband is a HUGE fan of any and all soups, so we do loads of that when it is cold & nasty out.

Our Menu:

Monday: Pasta and Beans

Tuesday: Healthy General Tso’s Chicken with Brown Rice

Wednesday: Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos

Thursday: Corn Chowder with Roasted Corn Guacamole

Friday: Pasta with Black Beans, Kale and Chicken Sausage

Have you tried any recipes lately that you LOVE? Do tell! I am always looking for ideas!


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