Weekly Meals for 2/19-25

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This week is going to be fun! On Monday, Monsterbaby gets his 6 month shots and check up. Tuesday is Fat Tuesday and the week is pretty much down hill from there.


Since having Monsterbaby, I have made early Sunday morning my grocery shopping time. My husband stays hime with the monster and I get to shop quickly and alone. It is lovely. My favorite part is that my nearest grocery store is 20 minutes away, so I get to listen to NPR’s Weekend Edition on the way. It’s the little things, people!

Saturday evenings are when I plan my meals and make my lists. We shop once a month at Costco for meat and bulk canned goods, so my grocery trips are usually just for fresh produce, dairy or miscellaneous things I need depending on the recipes I am using that week.

I try, for the most part to keep Monday’s meals completely meatless. We’re not huge health nuts but I do agree with Sir Paul McCartney on trying to help lessen our impact on the earth. This week, our Wednesday meal is also meatless since my mother-in-law observes Ash Wednesday. (More on her and eating with us in another post.)

So, without further adieu, here is our meal plan for the week:

Monday: Poached Eggs with Spinach & Walnuts

Tuesday: Steak House Side Mac n Cheese

Wednesday: Spinach Tomato Orzo Soup

Thursday: Spicy Chicken Wings with Cilantro Scallion Dip (and side salad)

Friday: Chili


  1. these wings sound AMAZING. are you having the steakhouse mac & cheese with some steak?

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